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Our Campsite
Image showing the Carmarthenshire Scouts Campsite

Campsite Fun

How do you like the idea of camping away from everything in the middle of stunning Welsh countryside? Imagine looking at the sky at night and being able to see clearly the stars and planets. Consider what it is like to wake on a sunny morning and hear nothing but nature (apart from Skip or Akela that is!).

Our campsite is in a remote corner of south west Wales, near the town of Llandovery. It is close to minor roads and a small village, but is a place where you can enjoy the countryside and camp in wonderful surroundings and have the freedom to practice your scouting skills.

If this appeals to you, the link above will take you to the campsite booking area. Have a look and consider visiting this beautiful part of Wales. Don’t forget that in Wales we don’t have bad weather, only inappropriate clothing for the occasion.

In the words of BP “I wish you good camping!”

Image showing the Carmarthenshire Scouts Campsite

Out in the Country