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News - Cubs

Tracey Lewis - New Cub Scout Leader, 5th Carmarthen Cub Scout Group
NEW FACE: Tracey Lewis is the new Cub Scout Leader - Akela - of 5th Carmarthen Cub Scout Group. Tracey moved to Carmarthenshire from North Pembrokeshire in 2003. She became involved in Scouting last year when her son moved from Beavers to Cubs. She first became involved as a parent helper, giving her time every week with the different activities the children were doing. Tracey said: "I am really pleased to have this opportunity. I am really enjoying all the new experiences and challenges, and find the role a very rewarding one. I have been in the role for a few weeks now. If you are interested in getting involved, phone - 01269 832785."

Published: Carmarthen Journal 10 June 2009.

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News - Beavers

Beavers Induction In Ammanford
Following a break of nearly 7 years a Beaver Scout colony has been re-established at Ammanford Scout Group. Beavers is the first part of the scouting family and is for boys and girls of between 6 and 8 years old. The youngsters attended taster sessions held at the Scout Hall in Manor Road last summer (2008) following presentations made at schools in Ammanford by Val Cole, Area Development Commissioner.

Following the enthusiasm of the new Beavers a number of parents volunteered to run the colony with the support of Val Cole and the other leaders at Ammanford Scout Group.

Since their formation the Beavers have taken part in a big fun day out in Pembrey Country Park, have had a Cowboy and Indian party and have all worked for and gained their Safety Badge. They are looking forward to their Firework Party with the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, and their Sleepover Party later in the year.

The Beavers are pictured (above right) holding their certificates just after their investiture at the Scout Hall, which was done in front of parents, grandparents and guests and they intend to live up to the Beaver motto of "Fun and Friends".

Article by Paul Gregory GSL, 2008.

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News - Scouts

Carmarthen Scout Group Family Camp 2010
5th Carmarthen Scout Group Big Adventure Family Camp 2010

Over the early May Bank Holiday, the 5th Carmarthen Scout Group held our 3rd annual Family Camp.

The last two camps have been held in Pembrey Country Park, but this year we decided to venture a little further afield, and so used Pembrokeshire Area Scout campsite at St Bride’s Green near Little Haven.

As a change from previous years we recruited a lot more parents into helping organise the camp, and formed ‘sub committees’ to organise the kit transport, catering, campsite service and activities. This worked really well and certainly reduced the load on the Leaders.

We were blessed with a gloriously sunny weekend, and the campsite at St Bride’s was a huge success. We had nearly 80 people attend.

Activities during the weekend were organised so that families could join in at whatever level suited them. On Saturday afternoon, there were 3 hikes at appropriate levels for a Beaver, Cub or Scout hike away, but as children were all accompanied by parents they could join whichever walk they fancied.

We had two fantastic campfires, with the Scouts getting well into campfire singing, and by Sunday night they managed to keep ‘The Quarter Masters Stores’ going for well over half an hour!

Sunday morning was spent pioneering – again with three different levels. The Cubs and Beavers worked on various camp gadgets, whilst the Scouts built a 15 ft Look Out tower!

The afternoon saw families getting involved with various beach competitions – best sandcastle, best sand mosaic and most interesting rock pool find.

Before supper on Sunday we held our AGM, where we were joined by the Area Commissioner. It was fantastic to see a number of our young people being presented with their Chief Scouts Awards.

Monday morning brought the end of the camp, but after striking camp, in glorious sunshine we had the traditional water fight!

It was a very tired, but happy bunch of people who left St Bride’s after lunch on Monday, with several first time campers converted to the cause!

... More photos of this event in Scout Gallery.

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News - Explorers

Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions - May 2009
Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions - May 09

Explorer Scouts from all parts of the area have recently taken part in Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.

Over the weekend of 9th - 10th May, 3 teams totalling 17 Explorers undertook a Bronze Expedition on Gower. The majority were successfully in an assessed expedition with the remainder on a training event.

13 Explorers from 3 units combined to form two teams for a silver practice expedition in the wilds of North Carmarthenshire for 3 days from 26th to 28th June. Despite mixed weather and the attention of large quantities of midges, the event was a good experience for all involved.

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News - Network and Fellowship

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News - General

Shave that beard before you go to Sweden Ben!
    5th Carmarthen Join in Jamboree

At 5th Carmarthen we were delighted when three of our scouts were selected to be part of the Deheubarth Unit to attend the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden this summer. As such we have been keen to partake in the Join in Jamboree activities recently distributed, in order that all our Scouts Cubs and Beavers feel the excitement of the Jamboree and hopefully our younger members will be motivated to make their applications for Japan 2015, and USA 2019!

To end the first half term of 2011, we held a ‘Hello Sweden’ evening for the whole group, and were joined by the Merlin ESU, who prepared and served Swedish food for us.

The evening was opened with a short presentation by Camila, Ben and Dan who are going to Sweden in July.

After Flag Break using a Swedish flag, our young people were then split into mixed patrols of Scouts, Cubs and Beavers, each given the name of a Swedish town. The patrols then rotated around 5 bases with a Swedish flavour.

They pioneered and decorated Swedish maypoles, learnt some Swedish words for common Scouting equipment, made willow wreaths and decorations with a Jamboree theme, enjoyed meatballs, potato pancakes and red cabbage, washed down with Lingenberry squash, but the highlight was the challenge to dress 4 members of their patrol as ABBA!

With over 60 young people present it was a very busy evening, but great fun. It was a great opportunity for the Beavers and Cubs to meet the Scouts and for the Scouts to meet the Explorers. We would like to say a very big thank you to Alison Owen-Yeates and the Merlin Explorers for their hard work in the kitchen, and for producing some very tasty Swedish fare.

Finally we would like to wish Camila, Ben and Dan and all of the Deheubarth Unit a great trip to Sweden and Iceland this summer. We look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

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