Registered Charity Number 505341.

The Area

Carmarthenshire Scout Badge

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Scout Counties in Wales are called "Areas" and our Area covers most of the Unitary Authority County of Carmarthenshire. (Newcastle Emlyn is in Carmarthenshire County but administered by Ceredigion Area Scouts.)

The Area is managed by a Scout Council and all adult members within the Area are members of the Council. In addition, we have a President, Vice-Presidents and Patron and these are:

President, (vacant due to the recent death of Sir David Mansel Lewis, KCVO)

Patron, Hon R.W. Lewis, OBE, Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed

Vice Presidents, Gordon James, Hywel Rees,Ann Richards, and Nigel Cole

The day to day business of the Area is conducted by the Area Executive and this is made up of elected, nominated and co-opted members. The Executive meets at least four times a year. The current officials are: Area Commissioner - Wyn Owen, Area Chair - Reverend Martin Spain, Area Secretary (acting) - David McPherson and Area Treasurer - Bryan Bevan.

The Scout Council supports scouting at County level and a number of Commissioners manage this aspect. Some of them are introduced to you below:

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